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Simota Air Filters

Simota Air Filter Benefits and Features

Increased Performance
Simota Filters allow a higher velocity airflow. Better airflow means better breathing.
Better breathing allows your engine to develop ... MORE POWER ... MORE TORQUE

Low Restriction
Multi layer design traps dust whilst still allowing air to pass through.
Washable, Reusable Cotton Filter All Simota filters feature fully washable,
reusable high quality cotton filters. The pleated design of Simota filters
provides a greater surface area for filtration.

Less expensive in the long run because they are designed for years of use and reuse.

Great Appearance
Race-styled Simota Filters look great. High quality materials coupled with careful
manufacturing, results in a premium quality finish. Available in a wide range
of very attractive colours.

Universal Fit and Vehicle Specific
Simota Filters come with either a 77mm neck or 114mm for universal applications.
A range of adapters and sleeves are also available. Simota also manufacture
Vehicle Specific Filters and Kits.

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