Simota Air Filters
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We endeavour to stock a comprehensive range to suit most popular applications,
some items may be out of stock & we shall endeavour to obtain!

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Power Stack Filter
The Simota Power Stack is a 360° conical air filter with a second conical filter that allows air in from the top as well as from the sides. This is the most popular style. Width 160mm Height 130mm Two Neck Sizes - 77mm & 114
Part No Type Colour Neck
SIM-WS002-BL Power Stack Black 77mm
SIM-WS002-BU Power Stack Blue 77mm
SIM-WS002-CA Power Stack Carbon 77mm
SIM-WS002-CH Power Stack Chrome 77mm
SIM-WS002-RE Power Stack Red 77mm
SIM-WS002-WH Power Stack White 77mm

Large Width Power Stack Filter
This is a larger filter that is also shorter for tighter space applications. Features are similar to the WS002 Power Stack style.
Width 180mm Height 110mm Neck 77mm
Also available - Neck size 127mm
Part No Type Width Neck Colour
SIM-WS003C-RE Large Width 180mm 77mm Red
SIM-WS003C3-CH Large Width 180mm 127mm Chrome

Heat Shield Filter
The Simota Superflow Heat Shield Filter combines a conical front design with a heat shield to allow access to cooler air. This improves performance which increases HP and, more significantly, increases torque. Can also be fitted with the SI017 Cold Air Intake extension kit.
Width 160mm Height 80mm Neck 77mm
Part No Type Colour
SIM-WS009-BU Heat Shield Short Blue
SIM-WS009-CA Heat Shield Short Carbon
SIM-WS009-RE Heat Shield Short Red
SIM-WS009-YE Heat Shield Short Yellow

Heat Shield with Wide Neck
Part No Neck Colour
SIM-WS007D-BU 152mm Blue
SIM-WS007D-CA 152mm Carbon
SIM-WS007D-CH 152mm Chrome
SIM-WS007D-RE 152mm Red
SIM-WS007D-SI 152mm Silver











Heat Shield Filter Tall

Part No Width (mm) Height (mm) Neck (mm) Colour
WS-007-1 165 175 77 Chrome
WS-007-2 165 175 60 Chrome
WS-007-3 165 175 65 Chrome
WS-007-4 165 175 70 Chrome
WS-007-5 165 175 84 Chrome
WS-007-6 165 175 50.8 Chrome
WS-007-7 165 175 114 Chrome
WS-007-1 165 175 77 Carbon
WS-007-2 165 175 60 Carbon
WS-007-3 165 175 65 Carbon
WS-007-4 165 175 70 Carbon
WS-007-5 165 175 84 Carbon
WS-007-6 165 175 50.8 Carbon
WS-007-7 165 175 114 Carbon

Black Colour - Stocked items
Red Colour - Can be obtained to order

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