Simota Air Filter Kits
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Red Full Kit (Includes Filter)
Part No Application
H001-RE Honda Civic 88-91 Injection
H002-RE Honda Civic 92-95
H003-RE Honda Civic 96-99
H004-RE Honda Accord 90-93
H006-RE Honda Accord 94-97
H008A-RE Honda Integra LS/GS 94-97
H008B-RE Honda Integra GSR 94-97
H011-RE Honda Prelude 92-96
H016-RE Honda Prelude 98
H013-RE Honda CRX SI 88-91
Red Tube Kit (Without Filter)
Part No Application
H001PP-RE Honda Civic 88-91 Injection
H002PP-RE Honda Civic 92-95
H003PP-RE Honda Civic 96-99
H004PP-RE Honda Accord 90-93
H006PP-RE Honda Accord 94-97
H008APP-RE Honda Integra LS/GS 94-97
H008BPP-RE Honda Integra GSR 94-97
H011PP-RE Honda Prelude 92-96
H016PP-RE Honda Prelude 98
H013PP-RE Honda CRX SI 88-91
SB03PP-RE Subaru Impreza 97-01
T001PP-RE Toyota Corolla 90-92
T002PP-RE Toyota Corolla 93-97



High Performance Cold Air Induction Systems
The logical extension to the standard air flow system. The aluminium intake tube positions the air filter in the high pressure area of the lower front valance ensuring a plentiful supply of cold fresh air.
Part No Application
SIM-CA3 Honda Civic 92-95
SIM-CA4 Honda Civic 96-98
SIM-CA16 Honda Civic DX / LX 96-00
SIM-CA12 Honda Civic SI-R 99-00
SIM-CA18 Honda Civic EX 01
SIM-CA10 Honda Accord 90-93
SIM-CA7 Honda Accord 94-97
SIM-CA13 Honda Accord 4cyl 98-00
SIM-CA1 Honda Accord V6 98-00
SIM-CA8 Honda Integra LS / GS 94-97
SIM-CA5 Honda Integra GSR 94-97
SIM-CA14 Honda Prelude 92-96
SIM-CA15 Honda Prelude 97-00
SIM-CA2 Honda CRX 88-91
SIM-CA9 Mitsubishi Eclipse Non-Turbo 95-97
SIM-CA23 Nissan Maxima 2.0 95-99
SIM-CA17 Toyota Celica GTS 2000
*Please Note - The Simota Cold Air Induction Tube System is not supplied
with an air filter.


High-Flow Cold Air Intake Extension Systems
The Simota High Flow Cold Air Extension Kit comprises adapters to fit the existing heat shield filter, inlet screen & a specially formulated flexible, high pressure, internal wire supported hose that will not collapse. The hose can be bent to pick up fresh air from the front grille, air dam or valance, & can be fitted with an external body mounted vent. Cooler, cleaner air means more oxygen for combustion & hence better performance.
Part No Type of Kit Colour
SIM-SI017-BU Cold Air Intake Extension Kit Blue  
SIM-SI017-RE Cold Air Intake Extension Kit Red 
SIM-SI017-YE Cold Air Intake Extension Kit Yellow 
SIM-SI017H-BU Extension Hose 550mm Long Bulk Blue  
SIM-SI017H-RE Extension Hose 550mm Long Bulk Red 
SIM-SI017H-YE Extension Hose 550mm Long Bulk Yellow 
Please Note - The Simota Cold Air Intake Extension Kit does not come with an intake tube or filter.

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