Simota Air Filter Kits

Superflow Air Intake System
Maintaining constant air flow to the engine is a key part of superior performance,
that’s why Simota Superflow Air Intake Systems have been designed to allow
more air flow than a stock filter and box. The mandrel-bent aluminium tube used
in conjunction with the Power Stack Filter allows the engine to breathe easier,
enhancing engine performance. Available in Full Kit (with filter) or Tube Kit
(without filter - choose your own filter style).

Cold Facts about Cold Air Kits
Installing a cold-air intake is a great do-it-yourself project for beginners.
Most cold-air kits are easy to install and the boost to fuel kilometers and horsepower
can be really rewarding to the pocket. Plus, you will never have to buy another
paper air filter again, since most cold-air filter kits come with a filter you can clean
and reuse for years.

While styles and materials may vary, all aftermarket cold-air kits work on a similar
principle: the stock air intake restricts air flow into the engine to run quietly and
conservatively, which is what most vehicle buyers expect and prefer. A cold-air
intake is less restrictive and brings more air that is generally cooler, denser
and more full of oxygen, all of which supports combustion and increased power.
Simota cold-air kits are precision manufactured, ready to bolt on.

Each kit has a polished alloy tube with Simota brand air filter complete with
all fittings including adaptor, clamp and hose where applicable.

A range of kits are available to suit various model Honda, Mazda, Toyota,
Subaru, Astra, Mitsubishi and Nissan engines.

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Chrome Full Kit (Includes Filter)
Part No Application
SIM-F003ADV-CH Ford Laser 93-96
SIM-F004ADV-CH Ford Laser 97-98
SIM-H003-POL Honda Civic EK 1.6 96-97
SIM-H008A-POL Honda Integra LS/GS 94-01
SIM-H011-POL Honda Prelude 92-96
SIM-H013-POL Honda Civic CRX 88-91
SIM-H014-POL Honda Civic 96-98
SIM-H016-POL Honda Prelude 97-01
SIM-H017ADV-CH Honda CRV 97-01
SIM-H020-POL Honda Civic 2/4 dr 01-03
SIM-H025-POL Honda Jazz 1.3/1.5 05-On
SIM-H026-POL Honda Civic 1.8 06-On
SIM-M001 MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 92-95
SIM-M001ADV-CH MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 92-95
SIM-M001ADV-BU MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 92-95
SIM-M001BG MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 92-95
SIM-M002ADV-CH MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 96-97
SIM-M002ADV3-CH MItsubishi MIrage 1.6 97-On
SIM-M003ADV-CH MItsubishi MIrage 1.6 97-On
SIM-M014-CH MItsubishi Lancer 1.6 01-On
SIM-M015-CH MItsubishi Lancer 2.0 01-On
SIM-MC01-CH Mercedez C180
SIM-MZ01-CH Mazda/Ford 1500/1600 93-96
SIM-MZ011-POL Mazda RX8 Rotary 04-On
SIM-MZ012-POL Mazda 3 1.6 04-On
SIM-MZ01ADV-CH Mazda/Ford 1500/1600 93-96
SIM-O-001-POL Holden Astra 1.6/1.8 94-98
SIM-SB003-BU Subaru Impreza Non Turbo 97-On
SIM-T015-CH Toyota Corolla 98-01
SIM-T021-POL Toyota Corolla 01-On


High Performance Cold Air Induction System
The logical extension to the standard air flow system. The aluminium intake tube positions the air filter in the high pressure area of the lower front valance ensuring a plentiful supply of cold fresh air.
Part No Make/Model
SIM-CA-7 Honda Integra GSR 94-97
SIM-CA-15 Honda Prelude 97-00
SIM-CA-25 Subaru Impreza WRX 01-02

Toyota Corolla Altus 1.8 L 01-On

SIM-CA-57 Nissan 350Z 03-On
SIM-CA-54 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6L 02-05
SIM-CA-58 Mini Cooper S 02-On
*Please Note - The Simota Cold Air Tube System is not supplied with an filter.

Carbon Fibre Lightweight Filter:
WS-253 / WS-254 / WS-256

The lightweight carbon fibre filter with a cylindrical air box features an internal washable filtering element. A black elastic ducting (70cm length) for bending any angles and aero horn, which connected to the carbon fibre filter direct the external cold air flow through the filter and into the engine.

High Flow Cold Air Intake Extension Systems
The Simota High Flow Cold Air Extension Kit comprises adapters to fit the existing heat shield filter, inlet screen &a specially formulated flexible, high pressure, internal wire supported hose that will not collapse. The hose can be bent to pick up fresh air from the front grille, air dam or valance & can be fitted with an external body mounted vent. Cooler cleaner air means more oxygen for combustion & hence better performance.
Part No Make/Model
Type of Kit
SIM-SI017BU Full Kit  Red
SIM-SI017RE Full Kit  Blue
SIM-SI017H-BU Full Kit  Red
SIM-SI017H-YE Full Kit Yellow
*Please Note - The Simota Cold Air Tube System is not supplied with an filter.

Advanced Inlet Aluminium Tube
with Anti-Vibration Rubber
The Simota Advanced Inlet Aluminium Tube System - Full Kit contains a chrome or anodised Advanced Inlet Aluminium Tube with anti-vibration rubber, & a Simota Air Filter.
Part No Make/Model
Type of Kit
SIM-F003ADV-CH Ford Laser 93-96 Full Kit  Chrome
SIM-F004ADV-CH Ford Laser 97-98 Full Kit  Chrome
SIM-H002ADV-CH Honda Civic 92-95 EG Full Kit  Chrome
SIM-H003ADV-CH Honda Civic 96-97 EK Full Kit Chrome
SIM-H017ADV-CH Honda CRV 97-01 Full Kit Chrome
SIM-M001ADV-BU Mitsubishi Lancer 92-95 Full Kit Blue
SIM-M001ADV-CH Mitsubishi Lancer 92-95 Full Kit Chrome
SIM-M001ADV-PU Mitsubishi Lancer 92-95 Full Kit Purple
SIM-M001ADV-RE Mitsubishi Lancer 92-95 Full Kit Red
SIM-M002ADV-CH Mitsubishi Lancer 96-97 Full Kit Chrome
SIM-M002ADV3-CH Mitsubishi Mirage 97 (with WS007 filter) Full Kit Chrome
SIM-M003ADV-CH Mitsubishi Mirage 97 (with WS 002 filter) Full Kit Chrome
SIM-MZ01ADV-CH Mazda 323 1.5/1.6 93-96 Full Kit Chrome
SIM-SZ01ADV-BU  Suzuki Swift 90-94  Full Kit Blue 
SIM-SZ01ADV-RE  Suzuki Swift 90-94  Full Kit Red 
SIM-T008ADV-BU  Toyota RAV 4  Full Kit Blue 
SIM-T008ADV-CH  Toyota RAV 4  Full Kit Chrome 
SIM-T008ADV-RE  Toyota RAV 4  Full Kit Red 
Twin Charger Intake System
Simota Twin Charger Technology with venturi effect, feeding your engine more compressed air. Results in lively throttle response, awesome high revving power, plus a great aggressive sound.
Part No Make/Model
SIM-ST951 Subaru Impreza 2.5 93-00
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