Simota Accessories
Simota quality filter and automotive accessories.

Coloured Muffler Hangers
Reinforced rubber colour muffler hangers. Three pieces in a pack.

Part No Description Size Colour
IM-HR002-BU Hanger 3 Piece 10mm Blue
Filter Oil & Cleaner
Kit comprises:
1 x 500ml bottle of Filter Cleaner
1 x 400ml bottle of Service Oil
Part No Description
AAA-1310 Air Filter Oil & Cleaner Kit
Silicone Hose Kits
Silicone hosing is the perfect addition to any custom car’s engine bay. Silicone hoses are very durable & heat resistant so they will endure the test of time.
Part No Description Size Colour
SIM-HK10-BU Silicone Hose Kit 10mm x 305cm Blue
SIM-HK10-RE Silicone Hose Kit 10mm x 305cm Red
SIM-HK12-BU Silicone Hose Kit 12mm x 305cm Blue
SIM-HK12-RE Silicone Hose Kit 12mm x 305cm Red
Power Brake Tube
The Simota Power Brake Tube Vacuum Reserve is designed to create a greater boost by scavenging more vacuum from the intake manifold & increasing the volume of vacuum in reserve. Therefore less pedal effort is required for the same braking result.
Part No Description
SIM-PBT Power Brake Tube Vacuum Reserve
Super Spiral
Helps better engine combustion, for better mileage.
Part No Description Neck
SIM-CT526 Vortex 54mm
SIM-CT626 Vortex 65mm
SIM-CT726 Vortex 70mm
Adjustable Hose Clamp
Part No Description
SIM-CL325 Hose Clamp Adjustable 3 1/4"



Magnetic Screw
Collects metal debris in the motor oil, helping to maintain oil quality and reduce mechanical wear.

Part No Make Colour
MS-007 Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, GM model Titanium
MS-008 Nissan, Toyota, GM model Silver
MS-009 Subaru model 97-on Blue